Chain Maille Projects

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European 4-1 Bauble Decoration

Helms Christmas Earrings

Dragonscale Pinecone Pendant

Helms Wreath

3D Christmas Tree

Silver Sparkle Charm Bracelet

Helms Christmas tree decoration

Santa pendant or decoration

Christmas Tree

Safety in Numbers

Shaggy Daggers

European 4-1
Graduated Shaped Necklace

Rainbow Orc Weave

Celtic Spiral Knot
with Glass Rings

Kinged Cloud Cover

Tropical Rays
with three variations

Celtic Helms Necklace

European 4-1
Woven Micro Maille Cuff

Deco Captive Pearl Necklace

European 4-1 Bias V-Necklace

European 4-1 Bias Bracelet

European 4-1 Drops Necklace & Earrings

Dragonscale Diamond Pendant & Earrings

Stretchy Barrel Weave

Beaded Dragon Steps Cuff

Beaded Dragon Steps V-Necklace

Boxed Pony Bead Collar

Ponied European 4-1 V-Necklace

Ponied European 4-1 Bracelet

Beaded Byzantine Pendant

Scale Maille Fan Earrings

Glass Sweet Pea

Ceramic Bead Byzantine Chain

Kinged European 4-1 Earrings

Kinged European 4-1 V-Necklace

Kinged European 4-1 Cuff

Beaded European 4-1 Cuff

Beaded Round Maille Bracelet

Beaded Round Maille Necklace

Captive Bead Wavy Necklace

Glass Ring Ocean Waves

Captive Bead Wavy Bracelet

Captive Pearl Flower Bracelet

Captive Pearl Flower Pendant


Byzantine Quatrefoil Necklace

Byzantine Quatrefoil Belt

Byzantine Quatrefoil Cuff

Round Maille Earrings & Necklace

Byzantine Crosses

Celtic Wheel Pendant

Kingscale Necklace

Hikaru Flower

Celtic Round Pendant

Mobius Charm Bracelet

Framed Glass Ring Bracelet

Celtic Chain

Captive Interlinked Necklace

Interlinked Necklace

Captive Pearl Necklace

Celtic Pendant

Beaded Rosette

Glass Ring Celtic Necklace

Stretchy Kingscale Cuff

Beaded Filigree Cuff

Beaded Vertebrae Bracelet

Micro Maille European 4-1 Crossover

Byzantine Heart

CrissCross Cuff

Filigree Chain Bracelet

Stretchy Byzantine Cuff

Mobius Knot Necklace

Sprite Star

Celtic Noughts & Crosses

Stretchy Rays Cuff

Stretchy Rainbow Round Maille

Stretchy Staggered Helms

Scale Flower

Inverted Spiral

Long Mobius Necklace

Stretchy Interwoven 4-1

Celtic Flower Pendant

Micro Maille European 4-1

Captive Inverted Round Maille

Stretchy Arkham Cuff

Ringed Pearls Cuff

Helms Weave Chain

Vipera Berus

Orbital Vipera Berus

Stretchy Dragonscale Cuff

Graduated Elf Weave Cuff

Graduated Elf Weave

Butterfly Stretchy Cuff

Curvy Rainbow Byzantine

Caught Half Persian 3-1

Stretchy European 4-1 Cuff

Stretchy Full Persian

Notched Barrel Weave

Inverted Round Maille

Stretchy Celtic Cuff

Mobius Knots
(two chains)

Dragonback - a two-sided chain

V-neck European 4-1 Necklace

Stretchy Box Weave Bangle

Celtic Half Persian

Bib Necklace

Scale Bracelet

Half Persian 3-1 Band

Dragonscale Bracelet

Half Persian 4-1 Stretchy Bangle

European Diamond Necklace & Earrings

European 4-1 Square Bracelet

Pearl Hoop Earings

Celtic Earrings

Byzantine Cuff

Mobius Link Bracelet

Mobius Pandora style bracelet

Turkish Maille

Japanese Diamond Earrings

European 6-1 Bracelet

Diamond Earrings

Japanese 4-1 Earrings

Shaggy Loops

European 4-1 Cuff

Byzantine Bracelet

Japanese 12-1 Bracelet