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Learn a Weave

Celtic Helms Necklace

This necklace is easy-to-make and can be made in your favourite colours.

main picture

For a 48cm (19 inch) necklace, you will need:


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NOTE: You need to make a necklace with an odd number of components so that it will hang at a point.

Link six silver rings B with two brown square profile rings D.

step 1

Weave one brown ring C between the two brown square profile rings and around two silver rings B. Close the jump ring.

The pictures show this from two different angles.

step 2

Repeat step 2 (left hand picture).

Repeat step 2 again, adding two seed beads on either side of the silver rings B before closing the brown ring (right hand picture).

step 3

Position your component so that you have two encircled rings at the top and the seed beaded ring at the bottom.

Link two rings A to one brown ring C on either side of the silver rings B added in step 1. Repeat with the second brown ring C.

Make eight brown components.

step 4

Repeat steps 1-4 using lime green square profile rings, encirlcling lime green rings B with silver rings C. Make seven lime green components.

step 5

In steps 6-8 you will join the components.

Starting with a brown component, link two rings A to two rings A on the left hand side.

step 5

Using two rings A join the two left hand rings A of one lime green component to the two right hand rings A of the brown component.

step 5

Continue joining the components in the same way, alternating the colours.

Link two rings A to the right hand rings A of the last component. The necklace will end in the same way as the necklace begins as in step 6.

step 5

Using one ring A each time, link the toggle bar and toggle ring to the last two rings A, as shown.

step 10


  • Try champagne or black ice rings with pastel coloured square profile rings.
  • Black components with silver or gold-lined seed beads and join with silver or gold rings.
  • Looking for seasonal jewellery? Link green and red components with gold rings or make all green components with red seed beads.