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Learn a Weave

Shaggy Daggers

Back to basics for this quick-to-make summery necklace and earring set.

main picture

For a 48cm (19") necklace, you will need:

NOTE: If you would like to make a bracelet, the above rings, daggers and clasp make an 18cm (7") chain. Just omit the curb chain instruction and link the lobster clasp to an end jump ring.

For a pair of 6cm (2.5") drop earrings, you will need:


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Link one jump ring to one dagger spike bead of the same colour. Repeat until you have linked 30 spikes in each colour (or 120 spikes in total).

These are your ringed spike beads.

step 1

Open ten rings in each of the four colours (40 rings in total).

Link two ringed lime green spikes with one open lime green ring. Close the ring.

Spread the spikes apart as shown.

step 2

Link one orange ring to the centre lime green ring and in between the two ringed lime green spike beads.

Add two ringed orange spike beads to the open orange ring before closing.

step 3

Repeat step 2 adding first yellow, and then fuschia pink.

Repeat the colour pattern until you have a chain using all the prepared rings and ringed spike beads.

step 4

Open the end link of a 15cm length of chain and attach to the end centre ring of the shaggy daggers chain.

Repeat at the other end of the chain.

step 5

Open the end link of one of the curb chains and attach the lobster clasp. You can clip the lobster clasp to the other curb chain end to fasten.

step 6


  • To make earrings, you will need eight ringed spikes in four colours. Repeat steps 1-3 using eight open rings for each earring. Attach to the earwire by opening the earwire loop.
  • Use more colours!. We have ten spike colours to choose from - you just need 120 spikes per necklace.
  • Looking for something a little less jazzy, try white with turquoise and blue or with the two pinks or with yellow and orange.