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Learn a Weave

Byzantine Cuff

Join two lengths of Byzantine weave to create this eye-catching cuff.

byzantine cuff

For 18cm cuff, you will need:


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Link two closed bright aluminium jump rings (A) and the eyepin with one jump ring A.

Add two further pairs of bright aluminium rings.

step 2

Fold back the last pair of jump rings added in step 2.

step 3

Place your headpin between the first pair of rings added in step 2 and through the two rings you have folded back in step 3. The headpin will help you place the next pair of rings.

step 4a

step 4b

Following the path of the headpin, link one jump ring (A). Add a second jump ring.

step 5

Repeat steps 2-5 until your chain is the desired length, ending with step 5. Make a second chain of equal length.

step 6

Remove the eyepin and add a second jump ring (A) so that the chain ends with a pair of rings. With one ring (A), attach these last two rings to one loop of the clasp. Repeat with the second chain.

Your chain is made up of Byzantine units. Referring to the picture, weave one coloured jump ring (B) through the top and then the bottom pair of diagonal rings within one Byzantine unit.

step 8

Continue to join the top and bottom Byzantine units with the coloured rings until you reach the end of your chains. Link both chains to the other half of the clasp.


cuff variation

  • Use a single colour for the large central rings.
  • Try using coloured rings (id 4mm, 1.29mm) for the small rings (A).
  • Use coloured rings (id 4mm, 1.29mm) for the jump rings (A) at step 5.
  • Use colour schemes such as copper and black or silver, red, orange and gold.