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Learn a Weave

Helms Christmas Tree Earrings

Make this fun pair of earrings for the festive season.

Helms Xmas tree earrings

You will need:


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Close all the green rings A. Link one ring C to two aqua rings A this ring C is the starter ring. Link one ring C to the same two aqua rings and two more aqua rings A. Add a second ring C.

step 2

Weave one gold ring B between the first pair of green rings so that you encircle the two rings C. Fold back the top green ring A, which is attached on only one side (left hand picture).

Close the gold ring B (centre picture).

Return the folded back ring over the new gold inner ring (right hand picture).

step 3

Link one ring C to two more green rings A and the last two green rings added. Add a second ring C (left hand picture)

Repeat step 2 to add the gold ring B (right hand picture).

step 4

Repeat step 3 to add one more set of rings. This is the first row using three pairs of ring C.

step 5

For the second row, repeat steps 1-3 using two pairs of rings C.

step 5a

For the third row, repeat step 1-2 using one pair of rings C.

step 6

Remove the starter rings from each row.

Referring to the left hand and centre pictures, link the three rows using using aqua rings D.

Link one pair of rings A at the top of your tree with two rings D (right hand picture).

step 7

Link one pair of rings A to the bottom of your tree with two rings D.

step 8

Link one gold plated earwire to the top of the tree using two aqua rings D.

step 14


Repeat steps 1-9 to make a second earring.