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Learn a Weave

Pearl Hoop Earrings

Try these simple yet elegant earrings as an introduction to manipulating jump rings for chain maille.

Pearl Loop Earrings

For one pair of earrings, you will need:


Thread one 6mm pearl onto one headpin and make a wrapped loop. Make ten 4mm pearl beaded headpins in the same way.

step 1

Link two small jump rings to each beaded headpin.

step 2

Open one large jump ring you do not need to open it far. Thread one 4mm beaded headpin and two small jump rings five times. Follow with one 6mm beaded headpin. Finish with two small jump rings and one 4mm beaded headpin five times.

step 3

Close fifty two small jump rings and thread them onto the large jump ring so that an equal number are threaded on either side of the opening. Close the large jump ring. This can be easier if you have linked fewer small jump rings, so remove some if you are having difficulties.

step 4

Connect fifteen more small jump rings to the large jump ring so that the large ring is covered.

Link two small jump rings and an earwire to the centre three jump rings at the top of the hoop.

step 6

Repeat steps 1-6 to make a second earring.


  • Try using different coloured jump rings to create a rainbow of colours.
  • Use bright or pastel pearls to match that necklace you are making.
  • Join lots of the ring components together to make a matching bracelet.