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Learn a Weave

European Diamond Necklace and Earrings

European 4-1 is a versatile weave you can shape by increasing and decreasing the number of rings in each row.

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european diamnind necklace

For the necklace, you will need:


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Link twelve closed rings (A) onto one black ring (B). Lay six of the rings at the bottom, overlaying them so that the right hand ring is uppermost.

Starting on the right, link one ring (A) through the end two rings. Referring to the picture, link one ring (A) through two rings until you have added five rings in total.

step 1

Starting on the right, link rings (A) through two rings until you have added four rings.

step 2

When decreasing in European 4-1, each row has one less ring than the previous row. Continue adding rows until you finish with a single ring.

step 3

Turn the black ring (C) and position the remaining six rings as in step 1. Repeat steps 2-4 to complete the second triangle.

Repeat steps 1-5, five times so that you have six diamond shapes in total.

At the bottom of a diamond, add two rings (A). Repeat with a second diamond. Join the two diamonds, linking one black ring (C) through the two pairs of rings you have just added.

step 5

Join the remaining diamonds as in step 6. Link the toggle ring and toggle bar to the ends of the necklace using one jump ring.

step 6

To make the diamond pendant, repeat steps 1-5 using black ring (C) rather than ring (B). On the last rings of each row in step 5, add one magatama before closing the ring. Add two magatamas to the single ring at the bottom. Attach the pendant to the centre black ring of your necklace using two rings (A).

step 7

Variations - European Diamond Earrings

european diamond necklace

You will need:



Link one jump ring through two closed rings and the earwire. You may need to turn the loop on your earwire by 90 degrees before you start.


Starting on the right, link one ring through the first ring. Link one ring through two rings. Link the last ring through the last ring only.


When increasing with European 4-1, the last ring at each end of the row is linked through one ring. Each row will increase by one ring.

Continue increasing until you have eight rings in a row. On the last row, add one magatama to the end rings.



Decrease the diamond, adding one magatama to each end ring and one magatama to the bottom ring.


Repeat steps 1-5 to make the second earring.