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Learn a Weave

Scale Bib Necklace

Learn the technique for making a scale sheet with this easy-to-make bib necklace.

bib necklace

You will need:


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You will be working on the reverse side of the bib necklace.

Alternating the colours, link five bronze and four black scales with black jump rings. The black scales are silver coloured on the reverse (concave) side. With the scales ridge-side down, arrange them so that the bronze scales sit on top of the black scales.

step 1

Join the left-hand side of an orange scale to the right-hand side of the first bronze scale. Link the jump ring beneath the ring added in step one.

step 2

With a second ring, connect the other side of the orange scale to the left-hand side of the second bronze scale, linking the ring as in step 2. Add three more orange scales.

Repeat step 2 and add three gold scales.

step 4

Repeat step 2 and add two light gold scales.

step 5

Repeat step 2 and add one black scale.

step 6

Position your chain so that the finished scale bib is central. Link one ring through a middle black scale and a corresponding chain link. Repeat with the other middle scale. Link a second ring through each scale and chain link. Using two rings for each scale, link the outer black scales to the chain.


Attach your toggle ring and bar to the ends of the chain using one jump ring.

step 8