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Stretchy European 4 in 1 Cuff

Put some stretch into your chain mail with synthetic rubber o-rings.

stretchy cuff

You will need:

The anodised aluminium rings also come in a range of colours in saw cut rings that can be used for this project


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Place four o-rings onto an open pink jump ring and close. Position the rings as shown by gently patting the rings.

step 1

Place an open violet jump rings through two o-rings from step 1 and add two new o-rings. Close the jump ring.

Repeat step 2 using alternate pink and violet rings until you have a chain length of 25 coloured rings and 52 o-rings.

To widen the chain, link one pink jump ring through two o-rings at the top of the chain and add two new o-rings.

step 5

Link one violet jump ring through two edge rings and one of the new o-rings added in step 4. Add a new o-ring and close.

Continue adding o-rings using alternate pink and violet jump rings until your chain is four o-rings wide.

Join the two ends of the cuff by linking a violet jump ring through two o-rings from one end and two corresponding o-rings from the other end. Repeat twice.

step 6


  • Use different coloured o-rings and matching anodised aluminium jump rings for blocks of colours.
  • Try using similar shades of anodised aluminium and rubber rings for a more subtle bracelet.
  • Use as a watch band either tapering a wide band to fit the watch face or make a narrower band.