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Learn a Weave

Celtic Round Pendant

A quick-make celtic inspired pendant experimenting with colour and large centre jump rings.

main picture

You will need:


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Close five ice pink rings (B) and ten lavender rings (C). Link one lavender ring, one ice pink ring, and one lavender ring onto one large ring (D). Add four more sets of rings in the same colour order. You may find it easier to open and close the large ring with your fingers.

Thread a second large ring (D) through the ice pink and lavender rings added in step 1.

step 2

Open one purple ring (A) and pass between the two large rings (D) and around one set of lavender and ice pink rings added in step 1.

step 3

Repeat step 3 four more times.

step 3a

Link two lavender rings (C) between two rings (A) and around the two rings (D). You can thread your cord through these rings.

step 4


  • Use red, orange and yellow rings to create a sun pendant.
  • Use a smaller central ring and three sets of purple ring (A) cluster to create a triangular pendant.