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Learn a Weave

Silver Sparkle Charm Bracelet

Make your own chain using jump rings then add silver, gold and crystal beads amongst charms of your choice, ideal for a Christmas bracelet.

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You will need:


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Make a one-in-one chain with the copper jump rings to the required length.

step 1

At one end of the copper chain, link one brass ring through the second copper link. Weave the brass ring under the first copper ring of the chain before closing. This is a mobius weave.

step 2

Following the path of the second copper ring, link one brass ring through the mobius copper and brass rings and the third copper ring of the chain. Weave the brass ring under the second copper ring of the chain before closing.

step 3

Continue adding brass rings along the length of the copper chain in a mobius weave, as in step 3.

step 4

Following the path of the brass rings, repeat steps 2-4 with bright aluminium rings (id 6.5mm). Make sure you weave the bright aluminium rings underneath the copper and brass rings before closing.

step 4a

Attach the charms at equal intervals along the chain using one oval ring for each charm.

At one end of a length of 0.8mm wire, make a loop using the very tip of your round nose pliers. Thread one 6mm bead and make a wrapped loop. Repeat until you have made beaded dangles using all the 6mm beads.

Using oval jump rings, attach the 6mm beaded dangles along the length of your chain.

step 5

step 6

Attach the toggle ring to one end of the chain with one bright aluminium ring, id 3.2mm.

step 7

Link the toggle bar to the other end of the chain with three bright aluminium rings, id 3.2mm.

step 8


  • Use red and green Czech glass pearls and fire polished beads for that extra Christmas feel.
  • Use blocks of white and red rings for your very own candy cane charm bracelet.
  • Why not use any charms you have in your collection to make a sparkly bracelet fit for any season.