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Learn a Weave

Celtic Flower Pendant

Make this celtic inspired pendant experimenting with coloured jump rings.

celtic flower

For the pendant, you will need:

For the cord, you will need:


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Link ten closed bright aluminium rings (E) to one lavender ring (C).

step 1

Link one lavender ring (A) to two bright aluminium rings (E) added in step 1. Repeat four times.

step 2

Link one lavender ring (A) through one bright aluminium ring (E) of one of the pairs from step 2 and one adjacent ring (E). Repeat four times.

step 3

Link five ice pink rings (B) through the same bright aluminium rings (E) as the lavender rings added in step 3.

step 4

For the final layer, link one lavender ring (A) through the same pair of bright aluminium rings (E) linked in step 2. Repeat four times.

step 5

Join one ice pink ring (D) at the outer edge, where three lavender rings (A) and one ice pink ring (B) intersect. Repeat nine times.

step 6

Link one ice pink ring (B) around one top and bottom lavender ring (A) you will thread your thong through this ring.

step 7

Attach the cord ends to the thong. Add the lobster clasp and extension chain to the cord ends using the oval rings.

step 8


  • Use black and ice black anodised aluminium jump rings with the bright aluminium to create a monochrome look
  • Try attaching beads to the outer ice pink rings (D) to add a little extra sparkle.
  • Link several pendants to make a matching chunky bracelet.