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Captive Pearl Necklace

Try this easy and quick-to-make captive bead variation - you can make the necklace as long as you like, with or without a clasp. Why not make a matching bracelet and pair of earrings to complete the set.

captive pearls

For a 67cm (27 inch) necklace, you will need:

Red, gold & black chain

>Blue & silver chain

>Two pinks & silver chain

NOTE: You do not need a clasp for a long length necklace but a clasp can easily be added if you would prefer to make a shorter necklace or a bracelet.


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Link two closed rings B and two closed rings A with two rings A. Lay out the rings as shown with the two small rings B on the left hand side.

step 1

Open the two pairs of rings A between your thumb and forefinger and insert one bead.

step 2

Trap the bead by joining the last pair of rings A with one ring B. See step 4 before closing.

step 3

Add two closed rings B before closing ring B from step 3. Link a second ring B through the last two rings A and the two closed rings B just added.

step 4

Link one ring A through the last pair of rings B and add two closed rings A before closing. Link a second ring A through the last pair of rings B and the two closed rings A just added.

step 5

Repeat steps 2-5 until the necklace is the required length, ending with step 5.

step 6

Starting at the beginning of the chain, link one large ring C through the first pair of rings B. Encircle the caged bead, threading the ring C between the two rings B that have trapped the bead.

step 7

If you are making a long length necklace without a clasp, open the two pairs of loose rings at the end of the captive bead chain (from step 6) and trap the last bead using one ring B. Before you close this ring, link it to the very first pair of rings B. The ring added is shown in green in the picture. Link a second ring B. Encircle the caged bead with one ring C as in step 7.

Alternatively, if you are adding a clasp, trap the bead as in steps 2-3. Encircle the caged bead with one ring C as in step 7. Link further pairs of rings B to each end of the chain and connect your clasp.

step 8


  • Make a rainbow chain using rainbow coloured beads and matching rings C .
  • Make earrings with a single captive bead unit and add a chain tassle or beaded headpins or make longer earrings of several captive bead units.
  • Make a beaded glasses' chain by adding spec ends to each end of a long chain.