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Learn a Weave

Notched Barrel Weave

This is a variation on barrel weave - by using a slightly larger jump ring, you can add rings to each barrel to notch them.

notched barrel bracelet

For a 21cm bracelet, you will need:

The anodised aluminium jump rings come in a wide range of colours.


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Unless stated otherwise, all silver coloured jump rings used are the id 5mm, 1.2mm.
Link two closed silver rings with one silver ring. Position the rings as shown, making sure the uppermost of the pair of rings is pushed upwards.

step 1

You are now going to link the pair of rings positioned in step 1.
Link one silver barrel ring through the top of the upper ring and the bottom of the lower ring.

step 2

Repeat step 2 to add a second silver barrel ring.

step 3

Close two silver rings. Link one silver ring through the intersection of the upper and lower rings and add the two closed rings before closing.

step 4

Push the top ring upwards and link two silver barrel rings as in steps 2-3.

step 5

Repeat steps 4-5, until the chain is the required length. The barrel weave will be quite loose but will tighten when you add the coloured rings in steps 7-8.

In steps 7-8, you will add two coloured rings to each barrel section of the chain.
Link one ice pink between the two silver barrel rings, making sure it weaves through the very centre where the upper and lower rings intersect.

step 7

Link a second ice pink ring on the opposite side, making sure it weaves a pathway between the two silver barrel rings and through the centre intersection of the upper and lower rings.

step 8

Repeat steps 7-8, adding two rings to each barrel section in this colour order: ice pink, lavender, ice blue and ice green.

step 9

Link one clasp ring, id 4mm, 1.2mm, to the end of the chain, weaving the ring through the upper and lower silver rings. Link one clasp ring to the toggle bar. Join the clasp rings just added with one clasp ring to make a three ring chain to connect the toggle bar.

step 10

If you are using the clasp rings: At the other end of the chain, remove the end id 5mm ring and replace with a clasp ring. Add the toggle ring before closing.
If you are not using the clasp rings: At the other end of the chain, open the end ring, add the toggle ring and close.

step 11


  • Try rainbow colours or two of your favourite colours to notch your barrel weave.
  • Instead of silver rings, use a colour such as black and notch with silver.
  • Make a chunkier version using rd6-64 rings, id 6.8mm, 1.6mm.