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Learn a Weave

Stretchy Full Persian

Make a stretchy full persian bangle using o-rings.

stretchy full persian bangle

You will need:

The EPDM rubber o-rings come in eleven different colours.


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Link four o-rings with two silver jump rings and lay out the rings as shown.

step 1

Position the end o-rings on either side of the first pair of o-rings so that the end o-rings make a 'V'.

step 2

Place a piece of wire to make a pathway at the point where the four o-rings intersect. In step 4, you will link two silver rings following the path of the black wire.

step 3

Following the pathway shown in step 4, link one silver ring and add two o-rings before closing the silver ring. Repeat with a second silver ring. Position the o-rings as shown.

step 4

Repeat steps 2-4 until your stretchy chain is the desired length.

step 5

Position the two ends of your chain as shown. The start of the chain is on the right hand side. The silver rings you will open in step 7 are shown with an arrow.

step 6

Look carfully at the pattern of the rings. Joining the weave is a continuation of the weave's pattern.
Open one of the silver ring as indicated by the arrow in step 6. Link the two o-rings at the end of the chain (the end is on the left hand side) and close the silver ring. Repeat with the second silver ring - your chain should look like the picture.

step 7

Turn the chain on its side ready to add the last two silver rings in step 9.

step 8

The last two silver rings added are shown as gold rings in the picture. Push apart the two silver rings on the left hand side to make a 'V' shape. Link one silver ring through the intersection of the four o-rings and in between the two silver rings you have just positioned into a 'V'. Weave the same ring through the next pair of o-rings but on the outside of the next silver 'V'. Repeat on the other side to complete the new 'V' and so join the chain.

step 9


  • Use two o-ring colours in an alternate pattern and joined with silver anodised aluminium jump rings.
  • Use the same coloured anodised and o-ring colours together and make a bangle with blocks of colour.
  • Use rd8-64 anodised aluminium jump rings, id 8.3mm, 1.6mm, throughout instead of o-rings and attach a clasp.