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Learn a Weave

Caught Half Persian 3-1

This two tone bracelet is a variation of half Persian 3-1. By using rings with a larger aspect ratio than usual, you produce a weave that is very open. Add some small rings to stabilise the weave and the half Persian is caught in place!

caught half persian

For a 19cm bracelet, you will need:

The anodised aluminium jump rings come in a wide range of colours.


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Link one royal blue ring through two closed royal blue and one closed ice blue ring. Close the royal blue ring. Lay out the rings as shown - it is vital that your rings are positioned in the same way as the picture to start this weave correctly.

step 1

Slide ring 3 behind the ice blue ring 2.

step 2

Place one closed ice blue ring 4 behind royal blue ring 3. Weave one ice blue ring down through the intersection of ice blue ring 2 and royal blue ring 3, and up through the centre of ice blue ring 4.

step 3

Link one silver ring around ice blue ring 2 and the corresponding royal blue ring.

step 4

Remove royal blue ring 1.

step 5

The rings have now been renumbered.
Place one closed royal blue ring 5 behind ice blue ring 4. Weave one royal blue ring down through the intersection of royal blue ring 3 and ice blue ring 4, and up through the centre of royal blue ring 5.

step 6

Repeat step 6, adding alternate pairs of the same coloured ring - for example, one closed ice blue ring and link with one ice blue rings. Continue until the chain is the desired length. When you link the last ring, do not add a closed ring to the back of the work.

Link one silver ring around sets of two ice blue and two royal blue rings at the points where they naturally connect.

step 8

When you link the last silver ring to the very end of the chain, add the toggle ring before closing the jump ring.

Link one silver ring to the toggle bar. Using one silver ring, join the toggle bar to the silver ring at the other end of the chain.

step 9


  • Try other colour combinations such as lavender and ice pink or purple and champagne and brown (joined with ice blue id 3.8mm rings).
  • Use black and silver id 6.7mm rings and join with your favourite colour id 3.8mm rings.
  • Try using rainbow colours. To get pairs of colours, you will need to add a closed ring of the next colour you wish to use and weave the second ring in the same colour as the closed ring you added previously.