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Learn a Weave

Curvy Rainbow Byzantine

Another way to use the popular Byzantine weave and with so many colours in anodised aluminium, you can make this bracelet in the colours of your choice.

curvey byzantine

For a 21cm bracelet, you will need:

Each colour block needs 32 id 3.8mm, 1.00mm rings. The bracelet instructions are for a bracelet of 10 blocks of colour. You will need fewer blocks of colour if you are making a shorter bracelet: each colour block is about 2cm long.


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Close four small orange rings. Link two closed rings to the toggle ring with one small orange ring. Add the last pair of closed orange rings to the end of the chain with two small orange rings.

step 1

Fold back the last pair of small orange rings added. Referring to the picture, place your headpin between the new last pair of orange rings and through the two rings you have just folded back.

step 2

The headpin will help you place the next pair of rings added in the next step.

step 3

Link two small orange rings following the pathway of the headpin.

step 4

Close two small orange rings. Link these two closed rings to the two rings added in step 4.

step 5

Repeat steps 2-5.

step 6

Repeat steps 2-5 four more times. When you repeat step 5 for the last time, link two small red rings. You will have folded back pairs of rings six times.

step 7

Repeat steps 2-5 six times using small red rings, finishing with two small purple rings. Continue making your Byzantine chain in blocks of colour in the following order: purple, royal blue, green, yellow, orange, red, purple, royal blue. On the sixth repeat of step 5, use two rings of the next colour block.

Before adding the last two colour blocks, you may wish to move onto steps 9-11 to gauge the final length of your bracelet.

step 8

Open one large orange ring and thread it through the six orange folded back rings on one side of your Byzantine chain.

step 9

Open one large red ring and, on the opposite side of the chain, thread it through the last orange folded back ring and the following six red folded back rings.

step 10

Repeat step 10 using matching large rings threaded through one folded back ring of the previous colour and six folded back rings of the same colour. Thread the large rings on alternate sides of the chain.

step 11

Link the toggle bar to the end of the chain using one jump ring. If you need to lengthen your bracelet by a few millimetres (in other words, less than a block of colour), lengthen the Byzantine chain equally on each end of the chain to the desired length.

step 12


  • Try other colour combinations such as soft pastel - lavender, ice pink, ice blue and ice green.
  • Make a bold two-tone bracelet, such as red and black.
  • Just use a single colour like champagne for a vintage look, or try ice black or silver.