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Learn a Weave

Scale Flower

Use this scale flower as a pendant, a focal on a bracelet or attach to a brooch back or a hair clip.

main picture

For each flower, you will need:


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Close the centre ring jump ring (C). With two black rings (A), attach one orange scale, ridge-side up, to the centre ring. Repeat twice.

step 1

In between each orange scale and using two black rings (A), link one gold scale to the centre ring, ridge-side down. Repeat twice.

step 2

Join one brown ring (B) through one black ring (A), linked to an orange scale, and the next black ring (A), linked to a gold scale. Continue joining pairs of black rings. Turn the flower over and repeat.

step 3

Link one bright aluminium ring (D) through one brown ring, the gold scale hole and the brown ring directly underneath. Repeat on the opposite side of the gold scale. Repeat at every gold scale.

step 4


  • Use black anodised aluminium and plain aluminium scales for a monochrome flower.
  • Use three different colours such as gold, orange and brown scales.

main picture