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Learn a Weave

Captive Pearl Flowers

These captive pearls are caged within jump rings to create petals.

Make a matching pendant with a single flower component. For instructions, go to click to go to page

captive bracelet

For a 19cm bracelet, you will need:


For project supplies, go to click to go to page

Link four closed large rings with two large rings.

step 1

Open out the last two pairs of large rings between your thumb and forefinger and insert one bead.

Trap the bead by joining the last pair of large rings with one small ring.

step 2

Link a second small ring to complete the first petal. The two large rings to which the captive pearl are attached are the centre rings.

step 3

Link two closed large rings to the centre rings using two large rings.

Repeat steps 2-3 to create the second petal.

step 4

Continue linking petals to the centre rings until you have six petals in total.

step 5

To join the petals: Using one small ring, link one small ring from one petal to the small ring on the next petal.
Link the same two petal rings with a second small ring but weave the second ring through the centre of the first ring before closing (to produce a crossed rings look or mobius).

Continue linking the petal rings in this way.

step 6

Repeat steps 1-6 to make two flowers of each colour - hot pink, lemon and orange.

To join the flowers: Using two small rings, link one pair of the mobius joins of one flower to a second pair of mobius joins of another flower. Using two small rings, link the next pairs of mobius joins below.

step 8

At each end of the bracelet, link the clasp to pairs of mobius joins using two small rings.

step 9


  • Try a monochome look using black and white pearls with their opposite colour black or matt silver (white) jump rings.
  • use a pale coloured jump ring such as ice pink or champagne with a pearl of a darker or complementary colour.