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Learn a Weave

Mobius Knot Ball Necklace

Use pairs of rings to make a mobius knot ball, which can be linked together to make a necklace.

Mobius knot necklace

For a 58cm necklace, you will need:

Each mobius ball is made up of twelve rings and will only work with the saw cut rings.


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Link two closed ice blue rings with two ice blue rings. Lay out the rings as shown in the first picture - it is important to start with the first two rings in the same orientation to ensure that your mobius knot looks the same each time.

The rings added each time are shown in red. Link two ice blue rings through the centre of the two pairs of rings you have just joined (the centre is marked with an arrow in the first picture). Lay the rings just added as shown in the second picture.

step 1

Link three more pairs of rings by weaving them through the centre of all the pairs added so far. Each time, lay out the rings as shown. You may need to open the rings more for the last pair of rings.

step 2

Repeat steps 1-2 to make three ice blue, four royal blue, two purple and two silver mobius knot balls.

Link two small silver rings (id 5.2mm, 1.00mm) through the fifth and sixth pairs of rings added to make the mobius knot ball.

step 4

Join two pairs of small silver rings added in the last step with two small silver rings. Join in the following colour order: ice blue, royal blue, purple, silver, royal blue, ice blue, royal blue, silver, purple, royal blue and ice blue.

step 5a

step 5b

Attach one 25cm length to each end of the mobius knot ball chain by opening the last link of the chain.

step 6

At one end of the chain you have just attached in step 6, open the last link and attach the lobster clasp. The lobster clasp clips onto the last chain link of the other chain end.

step 7


  • Make mobius knot ball earrings by making mobius balls using all the colours used in the necklace within one ball.
  • Make a chunky bracelet of mobius knots.
  • For neutral colours, try silver, champagne, black and ice black; or for a muted colour look, try the pastel colours; or if bright suits you best, go for the rainbow colours or jewel colours (royal blue, purple, green and red).