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Celtic Noughts & Crosses Cuff

Create a two-tone effect by using two contrasting colours in this easy chain maille cuff, which also uses large square profile rings in the centre. The cuff is based on the Celtic Labyrinth unit by Narrina.

Celtic Cuff

For a 17.5cm cuff, you will need:


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Link two closed black rings A with two black rings A. Make four sets.

Step 1

Close two square profile rings D. Using two black rings B for each set, link the four sets of black rings made in step one to the two closed square profile rings. Position the four sets at each corner as shown.

Step 2

The silver rings C added in steps 3-6 are shown in red for clarity.

Move one black ring A from each corner set of bottom rings inwards. Weave one silver ring C through one black ring A, in between the square profile rings, through one left hand and one right hand black rings B attached to the square profile rings, back in between the square profile rings and through one black ring A. Close the silver ring.

Step 3

Repeat step 3 to link a second silver ring C and so complete the second side of the square.

Step 4

Repeat step 3 to link the final two silver rings C and finish the square component.

Repeat steps 1-5 to make seven components.

Step 5

To join the components: Link one black ring A through two corner pairs of rings A as shown.

Step 6

At each end of the cuff, link the clasp to the corner pairs of rings A using one black ring A each time.

Step 7


  • Use contrasting blues, purple, greens or browns or colour combinations such as black ice with pastel colours or matt silver (white).
  • For earrings, make single components and link to an earwire at one of the corner pairs of rings A.
  • For a different effect, make a negative version of the project cuff by switching the black and silver rings to the other colour.
Celtic cuff