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Learn a Weave

Sprite Star

Playing around with Lunautumn's Sprite Chain, I came up with a pendant version. Once all the rings are added, this makes a solid pendant that holds its shape perfectly.

Spite Star

For the pendant, you will need:


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Weave two large black ice rings A through fourteen closed black ice rings D.

step 1

Link two medium red rings C through pairs of the black ice rings D added in step 1.

step 2

Using one small black ice ring E each time, link the pairs of medium red rings C.

step 3

Link one medium black ice ring B through one black ice ring D of one of the pairs from step 2 and one adjacent black ice ring D. Repeat six more times.

Turn over and repeat on the other side so that both sides are the same.

step 4

Close fourteen small black ice rings E and open fourteen black ice rings D.

Link one black ice ring D at the outer edge where the medium red rings C and medium black ice rings B intersect. Add two closed rings black ice E before closing.

Weave a second black ice ring D through the pair of small closed black ice rings E just added and through the intersection of the adjacent medium red and black ice rings (B and C).

Repeat six more times.

step 5

Link one small black ice ring E to a pair of black ice rings D at the centre and flip inwards (LH picture).

Flip one of the outer rings E inwards (RH picture).

step 61

Weave one small red ring F through the centre flipped black ice ring E, the small black ice ring E linking the large red rings C that were added in step 3, and the outer flipped black ice ring E. The right hand picture shows the pathway of this ring.

step 7

Repeat step 7 to add a second small red ring F.

step 8

Repeat steps 6-8 six more times (LH picture).

Turn over and repeat steps 6-8 linking only one red ring F (RH picture). If the pendant seems floppy add a second small red ring E.

step 9


  • Use silver with a contrasting colour such as royal blue, purple, or green.
  • Use gold with a contrasting colour such as black or try matt white with champagne.
  • Use a light and dark shade of the same colour such as lavender and purple.
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