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Learn a Weave

Byzantine Heart

Make a pendant, bag or bookmark charm or a keyring with the Byzantine weave shaped into a heart.

Byzantine Heart

The finished heart measures 40mm wide by 30mm high


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A knowledge of the Byzantine chain maille weave is assumed. For a tutorial on how to make Byzantine weave, go to Byzantine Weave Tutorial..

IMPORTANT NOTE: The number of linking rings in the Byzantine chain alternates. This gives a looser chain through which you can weave the two large rings in step 2.

  • Three linking rings are used - two royal blue with a brown in the centre.
Byzantine heart

  • Two royal blue linking rings.

Close two medium royal blue rings - these are the top two central rings of the heart.

From these central rings make a Byzantine chain, linking with three linking rings first. Make a chain that has four sets of brown and royal blue linking rings and three pairs of royal blue linking rings. Your chain will end with two pairs of brown rings.

Repeat so that you have a second chain of equal length.

In between the two Byzantine chains already made, make a short chain with one set of brown and royal blue linking rings; one pair of royal blue linking rings; and ending with two pairs of brown rings. Fold back the last pair of brown rings and link one small royal blue, one brown and one royal blue ring as in the Byzantine weave.


Open one large royal blue ring - this ring will shape the chains into half a heart. Weave the ring through the centre folded back brown ring on the end of the short chain and through the next folded back ring (the one closest to the central medium royal blue ring at the T-junction of the chains).

Continue along the nearest side of a long chain, weaving the large ring through six more folded back brown rings. Close the large ring.

Repeat on the other side of the short chain and along the side of the other long chain.


You will now join the ends of all three chains with two medium royal blue rings. To do this, fold back the last pair of brown rings on one of the long chains and link one medium ring as in the Byzantine weave. Continue weaving the ring through the three rings on the centre short chain and through the pair of folded back brown rings on the second long chain as in the Byzantine weave. Link the second medium ring following the same path.


Link two small brown rings to the top central medium royal blue rings. Either thread your cord through these rings or make a short 2-in-2 chain from the top medium royal blue rings and attach to a bag charm or bookmark.



  • Make all in red or red and hot pink for a romantic heart.
  • Gold or silver and black are classic favourites.
  • Mix pastel or rainbow colours for a multi-coloured heart.