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Learn a Weave

Celtic Pendant

Make this popular pendant weave with square profile rings to make a stiff pendant in the anodised colours of your choice.

The same ring sizes are used in the Glass Ring Celtic Necklace project (with the addition of two extra sizes) so that you can make two different projects with one set of rings, go to click to go to page
This pendant forms the centre part of the Beaded Rosette project, go to click to go to page

Celtic Pendant

The finished pendant measures 4cm in diameter and you will need:


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Link twelve small silver closed rings (A) with one extra large silver ring (E).

step 1

Link one royal blue square ring (D) through two of the small rings (A) from step 1. Repeat, linking one square ring (D) to adjacent small rings (A) until you have attached six royal blue square rings (D).

step 12

Using one medium ring (B) each time, link two adjacent royal blue square rings (D) until all the square rings are joined together.

step 3

Link one large silver ring (C) through one small silver ring (A) of one of the pairs from step 2 and one adjacent ring (A). Repeat until you have added six large rings (C). The medium rings (B), linked in the previous step, will sit within the large rings (C) just added.

step 4

You will now add the top layer of the celtic pendant using royal blue square rings (D). This top layer weaves through the same rings as the bottom layer of royal blue square rings.

Weave one royal blue square ring (D) through one medium ring (B), through one pair of small rings (A) at the centre and the next medium ring (B) as shown by the red ring in the left-hand picture.

Weave the remaining five royal blue square rings (D) as shown in the right-hand picture. The pendant will become stiffer as you add more of the square rings.

step 5


celtic round
  • You can easily change the colour of your pendant with different coloured anodised aluminium square profile rings, using silver anodised rings to link them together.
  • Add beads on headpins from the lower three square profile rings or a chain tassel finished with a beaded headpin to the lower central ring.
  • Change the large ring (C) to a larger round profile jump ring (id 10.2mm, 1.6mm) and add 6mm pony beads onto the ring as you add the rings in step 4.