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Learn a Weave

Interlinked Necklace

Make a chain using a simple chain maille component that can be made into a long or short necklace, a spectacles chain or a bracelet.

main picture

For a long 70cm necklace, you will need (each necklace repeat measures 2cm):

Ice blue / Black Ice Necklace

Red / Black Necklace


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Using one medium gold ring C, link eight closed small gold rings A. Lay out the rings as shown.

step 1

Weave one large black ring D through the eight small gold rings A, ensuring that you have four small rings on each side.

step 2

Link one small red ring B through four of the small gold rings A, making sure that the red ring is positioned towards the centre of the component.

step 3

Weave one small red ring B through the opposite four small gold rings A and under the red ring B added in the last step. Close the red ring B.

step 4

Turn over the component and repeat steps 4-5 on the other side.

Make thirty five of these components in total (or fewer if you wish to make a shorter necklace with a clasp).

step 5

Using two small gold rings A each time, join the components by weaving through the central pair of small gold rings A of each group of four rings.

step 6

Continue linking the components until the chain is the desired length. Repeat step 6 to join the end components to make a continuous chain or add a clasp.

step 7


  • Make single components and attach beads or lengths of fine chain for a matching pair of earrings.
  • Mix the interlinked component with captive pearls. We have a free tutorial, here click to go to page
  • Use the pastel or rainbow mixes for the small rings B and for the large rings D, and a neutral base colour like silver, gold, black ice or champagne, for the other rings.