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Learn a Weave

Byzantine Quatrefoil Belt

Use this chain maille component to make a belt and matching jewellery pieces from a bracelet to a v-shaped necklace.

You can make this weave into a v-shaped necklace using anodised and bright aluminium jump rings. For instructions, go to click to go to page
Try a combination of bright aluminium and bronze rings to make a doubled cuff. For instructions, go to click to go to page

main picture

For a 90cm belt, you will need:

Each component measures 2cm in diameter. Each component with one pair of joining rings C measures 3cm long.


For project supplies, go to click to go to page

Close eight small jump rings (A). Link two closed small rings (A) with two small rings (A) so that you have four sets of joined rings.

step 1

Join the four sets of joined rings from step 1 by linking two large rings (C) through two of the small rings from each set. The centre large rings (C) will now have four arms (left hand picture).

Fold back the end two rings on one of the arms, as shown in the centre picture.

Open out the two arm rings that are attached to the centre rings (C) to create a pathway through the four arm rings as denoted by the arrow (right hand picture).

step 2

Close one extra large bright aluminium ring (D) - you may find this easier to do with your fingers rather than with pliers.

Weave one medium ring (B) through the pathway created in step 2 and link to the closed extra large ring (D) (left hand picture).

Repeat with a second medium ring (B) (right hand picture).

step 3

Bring the large centre rings and their four arms inside the closed extra large ring (D). Repeat steps 2-3 to join the second arm to the closed extra large ring (D).

step 4

Repeat steps 2-3 to link the third and fourth arms to the closed extra large ring (D).

step 5

Repeat steps 1-5 to make 33 components.

You will now join the components to make a chain. Weave one large ring (C) through the attaching rings of the three o'clock spoke of one component and the nine o'clock spoke of the next component. The linking ring will overlap the extra large rings (D). Repeat on the underside of the components so that they are linked with two rings (C).

Repeat to link all the components.

step 7

Link two large rings (C) to the clasp. Repeat step 7 at each end of the belt, at the three and nine o-clock spokes, this time linking two closed rings (C) at one end and the rings attached to the clasp at the other end.

step 8


  • Mix your metals and alternate with jewellers brass, bronze or copper, and bright aluminium spokes.
  • Make shorter lengths and attach to your favourite boots for a unique look.