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The library section of this website is aimed at providing useful information about beading and craft in general. Hopefully, this library will grow to be a source of useful information and, as well as being a reference site, it will be a useful resource to make your crafting more enjoyable.

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Chain Maille explained

If you fancy having a go at chain maille, but don't understand the jargon, or just want to clarify something, have a look at the tutorials and info pages. Ring sizes, aspect ratio, wire gauges etc are explained, as well as basic chain maille techniques.

Photo Gallery

For inspiration, don't forget to have a look at the 'Gallery' pages. These are photos submitted by customers. If you have had a bash at making something, why not share it with everyone. Just send the photo to us, and we will put it onto the gallery.


There are several projects available - see the 'Projects' section. Instructions for new projects will be added from time to time.

Spool Knitting

Remember when you were little, and you used an old cotton bobbin with nails to create endless lengths of cord (French knitting)? Well that time has come around again.

Have a look at the Spool Knitting page, under 'Tutorials'. Using wire instead of wool, and by adding beads, you can create distinctive and original bracelets or necklaces.