Beadsisters is the UK distributor for Scott David Plumlee's kits.

The kits are taken from projects from Scott David Plumlee's books. Scott has been inspiring us with his chain maille creations for the past decade.
The kits use saw cut jewellers brass (or jewellers bronze) jump rings which have the appearance of gold. The kits come with all the components you will need including instructions.
You will need two pairs of pliers (preferably smooth-jawed flat nose, bent nose or chain nose pliers) to complete the Chain Maille kits. Some kits marked with an ** need a loop forming mandrel, bail making pliers or round nose pliers marked off at a particular measurement. These kits incorporate beads into the chain maill using techniques to achieve a more seamless design. Where a kit has **, we have put the diameter needed, for example **3.5mm will need a loop forming mandrel or round nose pliers marked at 3.5mm.