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web site last updated 22 December 2014

Welcome to Beadsisters

project of the month for November

Beadsisters is a family mail order business selling a wide variety of jump rings, quality beads, findings and beading accessories.
Our stock is constantly expanding
so keep visiting to see what is new.

See below for more information about our Project of the Month.

project of the month - see below for details


Christmas Closing
We are now closed for Christmas.
We reopen on 2nd January to pack orders but cannot post until Monday 5th January due to an extra Bank Holiday in Scotland. Orders will be packed in the order that we receive them.

Next posting day: 5th January 2015.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


LATEST NEWS:  We now stock the full range of colours in rd4-50 o-rings, id 5mm, 1.2mm.      New magazine: Art Jewelry       Five new colours added to Czech glass pearls in 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm.      Fourteen new SuperDuo colours added.        Four new colours of faux suede added              New Scott David Plumlee chain maille kits       New pictures on the Chain Maille Gallery - some stunning micromaille.         New jump ring size in anodised aluminium: rd5-50, id 5.9mm, 1.2mm              

chain maille necklace

Making a project from a magazine?

For magazine projects in Beads & Beyond and Making Jewellery, click here for all your supplies.
Micro Magical Cuff

New Hyperlynks Kits

Perky the Pig

New Hyperlynks kits

Perky the Pig has arrived just in time for Christmas! Treat yourself to the second kit in the Penny's Zoo collection of kits from Hyperlynks. We also have the latest Chain Maille Artisan kit - a stunning steampunk inspired necklace - Aeronautica Necklace. To see the new kits, go to click here.

Project of the Month

Vipera Berus

project of the month

Vipera Berus is an easy weave that makes a great band-like chain that would suit men or women. Make it in anodised aluminium (or any other metal) in the colours of your choice. The instructions are in our Library and are free - just follow the link.

For the instructions, go to click here.

For the supplies page, go to click here.

Don't Forget the Library

The Library is intended to help you by being a reference area for all sorts of crafts. Have a look every now and again. One day, it might prove useful for something you are doing. Click the Library button at the top of the menu on the left.

Free Project

Ringed Pearls Cuff

Try this easy chain maille cuff using our free online instructions, which can be found in the Library. For the instructions, go to click here.

Ringed Pearls Chain Maille Cuff
traffic light is red

Posting Times

We are closed for Christmas - next posting day 5th january 2015. Orders will be despatched in the order that we receive them.

click the link below to see the magazines for sale We stock magazines.
6 different titles plus Special Editions.
Check out the magazines page.

Gift Vouchers Now Available

After several requests, we have introduced gift vouchers. These can be bought on-line or via the telephone.

The voucher will have a code printed on the front which can be entered on the check-out page as you are paying, or can be redeemed over the phone against a telephone order.

See the Gift Vouchers page for details, values available and terms of use.


To make the most of this website, don't forget to use these useful features:
  • Check out the What's New page to see what new items have been recently added.
  • Can't find what you are looking for? Maybe the Index page will help you to find it.
  • Bookmark the site. Make it one of your 'favourites' so that you can easily get back to it.
  • Remember that you can click on most pictures to see a larger image. Just click the 'back' button on your browser to get back to the web page.

If you are having problems with the website, or spot something that is wrong, or doesn't work, or if you just want help or advice, please contact us - see Contact Us page.

Quality Products

We pride ourselves on the quality of products available from our website. All items are hand-checked and double-checked prior to being dispatched, ensuring that you receive the best of the best.

All items are sourced from reputable manufacturers, and no items are fake or pertaining to be original when they are not. Since our products are of the highest quality and competatively priced, beware of cheap eastern imports available on less reputable sites. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

"It is unwise to pay too much, but it is worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money ... that is all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everthing, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the things it was bought to do.

The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot ... it cannot be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run.

And if you do that, you will have enough to pay for the something better."

[John Ruskin (1819-1900)]

Visit us at a Bead Fair

Come and see us at one the bead fairs. Get the chance to see a selection of our beads up close. We usually take a good selection of beads and a wide range of jump rings, amongst other things such as findings, etc.

We don't take everything to the fairs, so if there is something in particular you want to see, let us know and we will make sure we have it with us.

Our next fair is:

  • The Scottish Bead & Crafting Fair (1st March 2014) at Perth Concert Hall
See the Events page for details of all the fairs we are attending.
check out which fairs we are attending
Loren and Sarah manning the stall at a Bead Fair

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

If you can't find what you are looking for, click on the 'INDEX' button near the top of the menu on the left hand side. This gives an alphabetically sorted list of stuff on our website with a link allowing you to jump directly to the page with it on.

If you still can't find what you are looking for, give us a call or email us. Even if we don't currently stock it, we may be able to get it for you.

Bead Colouring

Most beads are made from coloured glass and are, by their nature, colourfast and resilient to wear. Some beads, however, have a coating that is applied to the outside of the bead to provide a specific effect, such as a pearlescent finish, a metallic coating, etc. With these types of finish it is possible that excessive rubbing or contact with abrasive surfaces can affect the bead finish, removing the coating and revealing the base glass beneath.

It is also worth noting that many perfumes and hand creams contain petroleum-based oils (such as parfum) that can act as a solvent to certain types of bead finish. Care should therefore be exercised when using such beads in contact with skin or clothing as the colour of the bead may come off.

It is for this reason that we have decided to stop selling metallic finish Matsuno seed beads and metallic finish Miyuki Magatamas. If in doubt, contact us for advice.

contact details